Media Owners

Unleash growth potential for your ad sales. Our extensive portfolio of premium domains and web properties provides the perfect platform to elevate your advertising strategy.

Media Owners

Exploring Collaboration Opportunities for National and Global Reach.

Media Partnerships focus on creating a symbiotic relationship. As a Media Partner, you bring access to a large network of advertising and marketing solutions, while we provide valuable brands and ultra-premium domains in the Travel, Live Event Ticketing, Ecommerce, Lifestyle and more.

Why Choose Media Partnership Opportunities?

Expanded Reach

Leverage your network to bring our premium domains to a wider audience, creating impactful brand awareness and driving online conversions.


Revenue Sharing

Enjoy a share of the sales and advertising revenue generated from online conversions, ensuring a tangible return on your marketing efforts.


Sector Expertise

Focus on sectors such as Travel, Live Event Ticketing, Ecommerce, and Lifestyle, tapping into targeted audiences and optimizing campaign effectiveness.


Generate ad revenue in innovative ways:

Monetize your unused inventory in Out-of-Home (OOH) display, Radio, TV and Publications to direct audiences to our premium e-commerce sites and marketplaces. The revenue and conversions generated are then shared through lucrative partnerships.

Sell new audiences to your clients:

In recent years, traditional media has experienced a significant decline, posing challenges for media companies. However, our extensive portfolio of brands and domains introduces fresh avenues in the digital realm, offering your sales teams the opportunity to present targeted audiences to your clients.

Integrated Partnership

Success Story

In a powerful collaboration, Emall joined forces with Netclues and The Ticket Network. owes its success to Emall’s ability to craft synergistic collaborations and the strong brand positioning anchored by the premium domain.

Opportunities for Forward Thinking Investors

From joint marketing campaigns and co-branded initiatives to shared product development and distribution channels, integrated partnerships open doors to new possibilities and enhanced market penetration. By pooling our resources and aligning our strategic objectives, we can create synergies that drive sustainable growth and long-term profitability for both parties.

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